Taroko Pencil Boards are 100% Polypropylene

The different size pencil boards are one of our top selling items. But every once in a while, a customer leaves an unhappy review about the boards being "coated paper" instead of polypropylene as stated in the product description.

Below are three pictures of a pencil board after subjected to: bending test, cut and tear test, and cigarette lighter (fire) test. If the board were coated paper, a clear laminated film would detach from the sandwiched stock paper, but that's not the case as illustrated in these photos.

Please be assured that Taroko pencil boards are made from 100% polypropylene sheets. :)

Repeated bending tests

Sliced with a xacto knife and teared apart

Edge burned with a cigarette lighter (fire)

Taroko Design on Amazon (Prime Eligible)

In order to improve the delivery to our US customers, we have started positioning inventory in Amazon warehouses, and making our inserts available thru Amazon Prime. To see all of our current offerings on Amazon, please search for "Taroko Design" on the website. Or you can follow the links below to see the individual item:

Tomoe River Paper, A5, Graph Insert
Tomoe River Paper, Midori Regular Size, Dot Insert
Tomoe River Paper, Midori Regular Size, Graph Insert

Taroko Pencil Board, Midori Regular Size
Taroko Pencil Board, Personal Size
Taroko Pencil Board, Field Notes / Pocket Size
Taroko Pencil Board, Midori Passport Size

Tomoe River Paper Inserts

I have just introduced a new insert to the shop, and it's the Tomoe River paper insert!

If you don't want to hear my rumblings, and just want to quickly get to the ordering page, please follow this link: http://bit.ly/1PdJaH5

Most Tomoe River paper inserts on the market are blanks, because TR paper don't tend to print well with home printers. The thinness of the paper tend to clog up the paper feed, or the printed lines tend to vary in intensity. The Taroko Tomoe inserts are printed with press printing machines, and all lines are clear and evenly distributed.

There are two versions of the insert: solid line grid, and dotted line grid. Please don't mistake the dotted line grid with the "dot grid". The dot grid version will come sometime in late March.

Solid Line

Dotted Line

Each inserts consists of 48 pages white Tomoe River paper. A cream version will come late March together with the dotted version.

The layout lines have been set at 20% grey so that it's visible enough to assist with your writing, yet still subtle to not interfere with your favorite ink markings.

If you're a fountain pen user looking for a smooth paper to glide your pen on, please do try these inserts. You will discover new sheen and shading with your favorite ink that you never knew it was capable of exhibiting.

Getting Started on Bullet Journal

Ok, so this is going to be a quick anchor post for everything Bullet Journal. If you are just getting started, or already using the bullet journal system, but would like to know more techniques or hacks to improve the system, this is the right place.

Introduction Videos to watch:

Enhancements to the Bullet Journal System:

- Adding a tag system to your Bujo

New Fauxbonichi Cover ~ Owl Theme

A little while ago I introduced a new owl theme pencil case to the shop with amazing reception. Fabric pencil bags are popular because they are easily identifiable with touch when reached for in a tote bag, and they are easier on the touch compared to metallic ones. Fabric also dampens sound better, so the pencil case doesn't rattle compared to metallic or hard plastic cases.

So to coordinate both your journals and writing instruments in a set, a new limited edition cover has been introduced to the shop. This is only available for A6 size journals at the moment.

It has a single pen loop on the front cover, plus a small card pocket. As with other designs, the journal book cover slides in to stay in place.

The interesting design is the back cover. The back cover of the journal book is held under a fabric band to keep it in place, and the extension folds back underneath the band to wrap around the notebook.

The design leaves a lot of flexibility to accommodate notebooks that might grow thicker over time. The folded potion gives a little bit as the journal book grow with your notes and entries.

You can order the notebook here.

Pilot Coleto Pen Hack To Fit Uni Style-fit or Zebra Prefill Inks

Please visit my Etsy shop for Japanese pen related products here: Taroko Shop

I'm a big fan of the Pilot Coleto pen bodies, and the main reason is because they are padded where one holds the pen. There is a current, albeit unfortunate, trend in the new-style Coleto pen bodies to use hard clear plastic, and all pen bodies from Uni Style-fit and Zebra all use clear hard plastics which hurt my fingers with extended writing.

However, both Uni Style-fit and Zebra Prefills offer great selection of colors and different gel, emulsion, and oil-based ink cartridges that are not to be missed out. So this post is to show you how easy it is to modify ink cartridges from Uni and Zebra to fit your Coleto multi.

In the picture below you can see the length of Coleto ink cartridge compared to the rest. All ink cartridges tubes are similar in diameter.

Pull the plastic tip from the Coleto cartridge (with slight force), and you can see that Coleto ink tube is actually 6mm shorter than the rest. So remember to always save the plastic tips from your used Coleto cartridges, because you will need them for this hack to work!

Cut 6mm off from your Uni Style-fit or Zebra ink cartridge.

And insert the plastic tip you saved from an empty Coleto cartridge, into the Uni or Zebra tube you just cut shorter.

And voila! You can now install the Frankenstein ink cartridge into your Coleto pen!

Please visit my Etsy shop for Japanese pen related products here: Taroko Shop

[Midori DIY Insert] Travel Packing List

The link to this printable is here: Travel Packing List