Daiso Rotating Stapler for Midori Inserts

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As an avid Midori Traveler's Notebook user, this has got to be one of the biggest finds in my recent quest to make my own refills.

Amazingly, it is a stapler that turns 90 degrees, and easily reaches into the spine of your homemade inserts to make the staple.

It is a transformer of sort, looking like any regular stapler at the beginning.

But the white section swivels out.

And finally rotates 90 degrees in the direction of your inserts spine to make that staple.

It can easily staple through 10-12 sheets of regular copier paper, and with added force should be able to reach 15 sheets max. This is from my personal experience, of course, and yours might different depending on our paper selection and handling.

And here is the same stapler in RED.