Kraft (Craft?) Paper Refills for Midori Traveler's Notebooks

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I've always enjoyed the texture and color of kraft paper, but with it being so hard to find here on the island, the decision was to order my own ream of paper from the supplier and custom made one from scratch. The bonus here is that I get to choose the binding, and of course I'd want it stitched instead of stapled.

The paper selected is 80gsm kraft paper. 60gsm was originally considered, but instead of risking it being too thin, the decision was to start the first batch with 80gsm ones instead.

I thoroughly enjoy the contrast made by black felt markers on brown kraft paper, and will be updating this articule with tests of different pens such as Coleto/FriXion pens which a lot of people use with their Midori notebooks, or fountain pen of different nibs and inks.

If you would like to give it a try, you can buy a 2-pack from my Etsy Shop.