Fauxbonichi Pages and Paper Test

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For A5/A6 Fauxbonichi items, please visit the shop here: Taroko Shop

Here is a video flip-thru of the Fauxbonichi setup:

Many of you have asked me to provide more information on the A6 Fauxbonichi listed in my Etsy Store. So I took some more pictures of the inner page layout, and did some paper test with various pens I have on hand.

The A6 size is perfect for journaling, and the grid layout is great for bullet journal as well.

This Fauxbonichi does NOT come with Tomoe River paper as the Hobonichi ones. Tomoe River papers are approx. 52-55gsm, really thin, and although won't bleed thru when used with fountain pen, see-thru is a problem because of its extreme thinness. The Fauxbonichi comes with 90gsm paper, which generally holds up fairly well. However, if you buy it specifically for fountain pen or watercolor, it will depend on how wet your pen writes, and how much pressure you exert on the paper.

Here is the Fauxbonichi paper tested with various pens I have:

Here is the back-side of the same page. There is no bleed through even with 0.3mm Platinum Preppy fountain pen.

The journal comes with one spread of yearly schedule plan.

Followed by 13 spreads of undated Monthly Plan.

Here is the highlight. The majority of the pages are in undated Hobonichi style grid format.

 Towards the end, there are 6 pages of empty grid pages for additional notes.

One spread of present list tracker.

Two spreads of "favorites" list tracker.

One spread of important addresses.

At the end, there are one spread of Taiwan MRT system maps.

In all, the journal booklet totals 160 pages.

Again, this is a wonderful journal to have if you want to try out the Hobonichi format, but still undecided if you want to pay the full price, which can be quite high, especially if you are having it shipped all the way from Japan. This A6 Fauxbonichi can be purchased here.