[Midori DIY Insert] Fitness Journal

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The link to this printable is here: Fitness Journal

In the age of wearables to track your daily activities, there's still a place for paper-based fitness journals. It's just that much more satisfying to complete the sets for the day, and then manually jot down the numbers in your journal, and be happy with the satisfaction that you've made the count.

Food and water are critical components of staying healthy, and that's why I made them the central part of the theme. The four major quadrons give you a complete view of your daily food and water intake, and summarized in a calories estimate circle to determine the daily balance.

 Record your daily exercises in the exercise panel, with two blank spaces to write in your preferences for other sports/activities.

There is a note section at the bottom to record your thoughts, expectations, goals, and overall expectations of your physical wellbeing.