[Printables] Year-on-a-Page Trifold

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The link to this printable is here: Year-on-a-Page

At the end of every year, I've always enjoyed looking at the "big picture". Mapping out major activities and milestones for the upcoming year, instead of going straight to the detailed weekly or monthly calendars. The year-on-a-page is the template that fulfills that purpose, and fits as a trifold right in your regular sized Midori Traveler's Notebook or Fauxdori.

The zip file comes with templates for years 2015, 2016, and 2017, so that you can really plan ahead. :)

Each year is color coded differently so it's easier to tell which is which in all the papers in your midori.

The page can be tri-folded, and pasted onto a single page in your traveler's notebook. The part of the trifold facing up is always the panel with the year identifying the year, in the picture above "2015", with the notes area facing up, so that all the summary information from that year is available without having to open the trifold.

The template files come with both color and monochrome versions, in case a color printer is not available to you, printing the monochrome version ensure the shades of gray is optimized at design stage, instead of relying on your printer driver to do the color translation to monochrome. 

This link to this printable is here: Year-on-a-Page