New Fauxbonichi Cover ~ Owl Theme

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A little while ago I introduced a new owl theme pencil case to the shop with amazing reception. Fabric pencil bags are popular because they are easily identifiable with touch when reached for in a tote bag, and they are easier on the touch compared to metallic ones. Fabric also dampens sound better, so the pencil case doesn't rattle compared to metallic or hard plastic cases.

So to coordinate both your journals and writing instruments in a set, a new limited edition cover has been introduced to the shop. This is only available for A6 size journals at the moment.

It has a single pen loop on the front cover, plus a small card pocket. As with other designs, the journal book cover slides in to stay in place.

The interesting design is the back cover. The back cover of the journal book is held under a fabric band to keep it in place, and the extension folds back underneath the band to wrap around the notebook.

The design leaves a lot of flexibility to accommodate notebooks that might grow thicker over time. The folded potion gives a little bit as the journal book grow with your notes and entries.

You can order the notebook here.