Tomoe River Paper Inserts

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I have just introduced a new insert to the shop, and it's the Tomoe River paper insert!

If you don't want to hear my rumblings, and just want to quickly get to the ordering page, please follow this link:

Most Tomoe River paper inserts on the market are blanks, because TR paper don't tend to print well with home printers. The thinness of the paper tend to clog up the paper feed, or the printed lines tend to vary in intensity. The Taroko Tomoe inserts are printed with press printing machines, and all lines are clear and evenly distributed.

There are two versions of the insert: solid line grid, and dotted line grid. Please don't mistake the dotted line grid with the "dot grid". The dot grid version will come sometime in late March.

Solid Line

Dotted Line

Each inserts consists of 48 pages white Tomoe River paper. A cream version will come late March together with the dotted version.

The layout lines have been set at 20% grey so that it's visible enough to assist with your writing, yet still subtle to not interfere with your favorite ink markings.

If you're a fountain pen user looking for a smooth paper to glide your pen on, please do try these inserts. You will discover new sheen and shading with your favorite ink that you never knew it was capable of exhibiting.